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It's.... Magic's Dave's New Book! OMG.

Gaming in the Gospel is a heart check devotional for any gamer or lover of technology of any age. 
Ten geek filled chapters with interactive challenges 
to help score yourself in the game of life.


Fire Within by Jesse Eisenhour is a devotional/collection of stories based on 
Jesse Eisenhour's experience as a street evangelist with Time to Revive. 
He has been sharing the gospel in cities across the country by simply asking people, 
"How can I pray for you?" 

And now Jesse Eisenhour wants you to find the fire within yourself to reach out to your neighborhood, 
coworkers, or strangers and start sharing the gospel. 

“Is there anything or anyone that would keep you
 from accepting the free gift of life in Jesus today?”

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Magic Dave wrote Sound in the Gospel in 2016 for anyone that serves as a tech at church, a burned-out volunteer, seasoned techs, or the entire worship team, even mother-in-laws can get something out of this book! What is in this book?

Part I: A guide to help techs recognize and deal with common heart issues and difficulties while serving the church. It outlines practical steps to combat burnout and joyfully serve the church again.

Part II: A technical primer on the basics of gain structure, equalization and mixing. A glossary is included to help even inexperienced techs 
(especially those who don’t speak Klingon) navigate these concepts.

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Games published by

Secret of John Nebthos

A Card Game of Adventure and Fame! 

John Nebthos, the world's most eclectic explorer, has mysteriously sent a letter to exploring guilds around the world; an invitation to McGuffin Mountain to rediscover the lost treasures of history locked away in Nebthos' hidden mountain vault. 
Race against other guild members in the pursuit of fame and treasure as you travel from the four corners of the earth to McGuffin Mountain. Make new discoveries, thwart your opponents, and enjoy some good espresso along your journey, until you breach the mountain to uncover the treasures within...and of course before the mountain inevitably explodes.

A fun ice breaker card game for 2-8 players. Ages 10+

Created by Dave and Bea Wright
Art by Richard Dobbs

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