The Secret of John Nebthos

A Card Game of Adventure and Fame!


John Nebthos, the world's most famous and eclectic explorer. Has mysteriously sent a letter to the explorers guild. An invitation to McGuffin Mountain to rediscover the lost treasures of history locked away in

Nebthos' hidden mountain vault.


Race against other guild members in the pursuit of fame as you travel

from the 4 corners of the earth to McGuffin Mountain. Making new discoveries, thwarting your opponents, and enjoying some good espresso

along your journey, until you breach the mountain to uncover

the treasures within... and of course before

the mountain inevitably explodes.


A fun ice breaker card game for 2-8 players. Ages 10+


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Artwork by Richard Dobbs

Coming Winter 2020

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Copyright David Wright & Richard Dobbs 2020