What is NEBTHOS?

"The John Nebthos Project" or JNP has been many things over the years to those who sat under the shade of its branches. Grown out of a prayer house where three brothers came to pray together with the common desire to creatively pursue the Creator, Jesus. 

Out of those meetings launched a flurry of popup concerts, film projects, websites, books and board games combined with all forms of art and creativity to spark the interest of anyone who experienced them. All with the hope that those individuals would get a glimpse of something brighter.

"NEBTHOS" as it is now... is a community of creatives who are thinkers, makers and doers unto the Glory of God

NEBTHOS strives to build an inspirational community through creative events, publishing and projects. 

We're quite the eclectic group and hopefully you find something in our community to be excited about, get involved with and travel amongst...

Its Creation for the Creator's Sake