The average person is confused by Jesse Eisenhour. He dresses in mostly black, wears chains, and has an accent that no one can pinpoint. This gives him unique opportunities to share the gospel in unlikely areas to diverse people. He's a faithful husband, father, and servant of Jesus Christ. He likes John Wayne, Nacho Libre, Five Iron Frenzy, Mexican food, and laughing really loudly- especially with his family.

Fire Within is his first book and is currently writing a new book entitled "Letters to the Fatherless"

"Fire Within: 31 life lessons on evangelism, discipleship and the gospel"

Fire Within is a devotional/collection of stories based on Jesse Eisenhour's experience as a street evangelist with Time to Revive. He has been sharing the gospel in cities across the country by simply asking people, "How can I pray for you?" And now Jesse Eisenhour wants you to find the fire within yourself to reach out to your neighborhood, coworkers, or strangers and start sharing the gospel. If you've ever struggled with how to make evangelism a part of your daily life, "Fire Within" will help give you a clear picture of what a lifestyle of evangelism could look like. But beware! Reading this book might change your life FOREVER!

“Is there anything or anyone that would keep you from accepting the free gift of life in Jesus today?”

What people are saying the Author 

Glen Mitchell (Jesse Eisenhour's Childhood Pastor)The author had a pretty shaky beginning. A hyper, inattentive, undisciplined, get attention kind of guy. Wondering where all that would lead. Through much prayer, he is proof that God hears and answers. Today, he is about the Father’s business, leading people in darkness to the light, because he is light. Did I say he spent as lot of time in my office? Praise the Lord for the man he has become.

Dave Wright (NEBTHOS Publisher and Author of "Sound in the Gospel") This book makes me uncomfortable, but in all the right ways. Jesse's stories challenges all my deep rooted habits and sensibilities. My heart, mind and soul have all be renewed for a deeper passion for the extremely practical life saving Gospel of Jesus.

From the back cover: This is NOT your average devotional Filled with gritty truth, heart-wrenching challenges, and stories you will want to share, Fire Within takes you on a journey through genuine, unpolished evangelism that leaves you motivated and coming back for more. Jesse Eisenhour will have you laughing, crying, and wondering why you’re not living as adventurously as he is. This is not just about his story... it’s about yours. 

What will you do with the fire within?